They should wake up from their daydreaming

…But the USA probably won’t:

BRICS are on the move:

BRICS are determined to replace the Western dominated SWIFT payment system. The USA is doing all that it can to encourage them.

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Citing an article from the Global Times isn’t exactly convincing. Couldn’t find anything from RT?


Banque de France?

The funny thing about all of this is that the majority of Russia’s money is held by the EU

Still, if it’s not on the front of the WSJ it can’t be true can it?

They might as well go ahead with it as the damage has already been done

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That link didn’t specifically review the US seizing Russian assets.

I’m probably not the best person to question a source, on account of me believing that stupid Dave Ramsey foot fetish AI video…

However, with all of the coverage of the topic, you should cite a source that isn’t obviously biased.

Divitias is a Putin bot.


How about the US Congress:


A U.S. Senate committee approved legislation on Wednesday that would help set the stage for the United States to confiscate Russian assets and hand them over to Ukraine for rebuilding after the destruction of the nearly two-year-long war

No, I just see the world without US tinted glasses.