Think twice before investing in Gold coins

One such ad caught the attention of Terry White, a disabled retiree from New York. In 2018, White invested $174,000 in the coins, according to a lawsuit by the New York attorney general - only to later learn that Lear charged a 33 percent commission.

That is a nice job if you can get it.



Preying on people who do not know anything at all. Sociopaths


You have to read the whole article to really understand how prevalent it is.



Capitalism meet capitalism cover it in total dishonesty.

Just keep asking for money. The people who do not know better send them money.

I was in a coffee shop this morning and an old guy was talking products. He needed to pay for his $7.50 breakfast burrito and had nothing in his wallet. He told me his credit cards were revolving, not his word for it, and he barely can keep up with his debt. He is in his 70s and loves to buy buy buy. Not interested in his positions on the issues. He does not support himself as you can guess.


The stupidity of buying financial products. No one is immune until they learn the facts.

The Captain
did pay his dues

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My favorite line from the article:

A regretful White said he thought Fox "wouldn't take a commercial like that unless it was legitimate."

Such powers of discernment. No wonder this industry thrives.


I know. I actually had some sympathy for the poor phule until I read that line.




People want to believe things. That can make them rotten people.

Tuning into lies means getting lied to easy to fleece.

I buy gold coins only for the numismatic interest. There are some that have gone 3-5x buy price but most haven’t changed much beyond inflation. Would have a better idea if I got all my coins professionally graded.

Gold coins with a rarer minting can go up substantially in value as art.

No disagreeing here.

That is not what the cheats are selling.