Thinking of Moving to Canada?

Lifehacker headline: What If, Hypothetically, You Really Want to Move to Canada ASAP

Subheadline: Enjoy this guide on to how to emigrate to Canada, just because.
ByStephen Johnson
Monday 5:30PM…

For some reason, the frequency of google searches for “How to move to Canada” spiked by 550% last week. Maybe Justin Trudeau must have announced a new tourist-attracting marketing campaign or something?

Below is a beginner’s guide for Americans who want to move to the Great White North, covering both legal and legally dubious methods. Before you begin, though, know this: As close as the United States is to Canada in a geopolitical sense, neither country allows its citizens to relocate at will. It’s way more complicated and costly to move to Canada than Cleveland, and the entire process of being judged by the Canadian government might make you feel extremely inadequate.

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