This Fool is math challenged

What’s wrong with the following?

Following two years without so much as a whisper of volatility, the iconic Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJINDICES: ^DJI) and broad-based S&P 500 (SNPINDEX: ^GSPC) are seemingly doing their best to keep investors on the edge of their seats. In February, the CBOE Volatility Index briefly hit a nine-year high following three grim single-day performances over a span of six days that saw the Dow lose 666 points, 1,033 points, and 1,175 points, its biggest single-day decline in history.

This volatility has continued into March, with the Dow Jones on Thursday, March 22, shedding 724 points. That’s four the nine largest single-day point declines all occurring within a two-month span for an index spanning almost 122 years of history.

If you don’t spot the error you too are math challenged. :wink:

What was the price of the Dow Jones 100 years ago? February 2015 $1,369.94. These drops to be comparative have to be stated comparatively, by percent, not by a scalar number.

Dow Jones - 100 Year Historical Chart…

fOOLISH article…

Denny Schlesinger


agreed…but almost all major websites and talking head shows, including CNBC, focus on point drops for some reason.

Actually it isn’t “some reason” it is just more hyperbolic to do it that way “down 500 POINTS!!”

Maybe they assume most folks don’t know percentages?

To keep this post relevant to the board, high-growth stock AMZN taking a hit due to Trump admin claiming to visit how the giant is taxed. The issue as I see it is that Trump is hearing Amazon is taking jobs away from other businesses, causing empty malls, and therefore those (now gone) entities aren’t paying taxes and/or jobs are lost.

No secret that Trump is not a Bezos fan. This could actually impact Amazon, but literally on the bottom-line but also in the stock price.…


To add perspective, when I weighed 200 pounds I lost 45 pounds over about five years. Suppose as a baby I had lost 45 pounds over about five years…

Denny Schlesinger


In regard to Amazon, he has the justice department for antitrust, but much better case against Google.

As for taxes the law is the law and must be equally applied. Trump cannot change state law and requires congress to changed Fed law.

He could influence IRS to issue regs that bias against ecommerce but IRS has mostly been independent (not withstanding last 8 years in regard to non profits, but even then towards everyone else).

So just noise in practicality but anything to add to the panic.



So just noise in practicality but anything to add to the panic.

Works for me.

Go ahead panic. Been wanting to add to Amazon.