This will help you understand ENPH

Enphase Bursting With Energy $ENPH


Whole portfolio 39% YTD last Friday


Not sure that helped me understand it at all…what language was that article in?

Solar power language.

Not saying TJ Roberts isn’t credible, but his bio speaks more activist than analyst. Nevertheless, he does track this company in more depth than most analysts would.

Enphase continues to perform.

From his bio:

I have installed Enphase solar photovoltaic systems since 2010. I have taken solar courses at SEI in Colorado and have volunteered with GridAlternatives installing Enphase systems on homes. I have a 20,000-Watt Enphase solar system on my home and no real utility bill. I am a huge fan of solar, and believe free energy from the Sun is the only way to ensure a bright future for our planet. The fossil fuels should be left in the ground where they belong. DG is the best solution, and that is Enphase Energy with its microinverters which decentralize power at the solar panel-level ensuring optimal reliability, safety, performance and longevity. Enphase’s simple plug-n-play solar is truly the solar panel system for the masses. Centralized power with solar farms in the middle of nowhere is not the answer since when the Sun hits a cloud, it creates a huge power vacuum; rooftop solar with optimal distributed generation of power with small amounts of storage is the best solution.

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Yeah good point. He does appear to be an activist.

Any chance TJ Roberts is TJ Rodgers?

It seems that this company may have found a profitable niche within the build-out of solar energy space. It might well be worth some further research, especially if 40% y-o-y growth is possible. It seems that panel manufacturing got considerably overbuilt with Chinese manufacturers flooding the market, but perhaps these inverters present an opportunity for a continuing-to-grow and profitable business.

Before deciding on any investment of real dollars, I will want to determine more what the competitive landscape looks like for this niche.

no ENPH position