Thomas Kurian leaving oracle?…

My thoughts on another board……

For folks who think Oracle is not a growth company and discussing that doesn’t belong here…

Oracle’s support revenue (recurring revenue) and cloud service revenue (recurring revenue) are over $26B last year… Yeap… that is B in billions.

Now if Kurians leaves Oracle, having build many products including leading Oracle’s product to Cloud strategy, he will be a prized target.

Time to check any of your small, fast growers can use a seasoned manager with a strong execution track record.

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I bet his twin brother, George, who is President and CEO at NetApp, can find something beneficial for him to chew on there. Downside, they’re twins and they really do look alike, so that might be interesting in the cafeteria when someone tries to say Hi.

Thomas will not be a unemployed at all. He is an accomplished leader and a CEO material, there are many companies that can use such a leader.

Absolutely no disagreement there, even if my joking comment may have implied otherwise. George and Thomas Kurian are cut from the same cloth, literally, and from what I know (more from George than Thomas), they are both strong leaders with firm convictions and moral compasses that can positively impact any organization they’re part of.

When George Kurian took the helm at NetApp, there was a LOT of doubt… but look at the stock chart for the last 3 years – he became CEO I think in June 2015, so we have 3+ years of performance data under his watch. NetApp was literally written off by a lot of people and analysts in the 2014/2015 window, but that didn’t stop him and his leadership team from delivering solid results. You don’t get a share price gain from the $16s to the $80s by getting it wrong. (EMC falling over into Dell’s chasm of debt certainly didn’t hurt the NetApp pathway.)

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