Thomson Reuters and Alteryx Partnership

Thomson Reuters and Alteryx Announce Strategic Partnership…

Thomson Reuters, the world’s leading provider of news and information-based tools for professionals, and Alteryx, Inc., revolutionizing business through data science and analytics, today announced a strategic partnership aimed at helping tax technologists solve the challenges in tax preparation reporting and analysis.

Tax calculations often require data to be pulled from multiple, disparate sources. However, collecting and formatting this information, and then turning it into insights, can be a complicated and tedious process. The Alteryx Platform, which supports everything from data prep and blending to putting machine learning models to use, complements the automation capabilities of Thomson Reuters’ ONESOURCE by providing a user-friendly application to help tax professionals access and manage tax data. ONESOURCE is the industry’s most powerful corporate tax technology platform and drives global tax compliance and accounting decision-making around the world.


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This is one of the specific verticals discussed at the last earnings call. Alteryx following through on their vertical strategy as well and not relying solely on the product being horizontally appealing as a general use case tool.