Thor Industries and Patrick Industries

Both of these companies have consistently come through my screen for "old" 1yrPEG Saul metrics over the
past 6+ quarters (or longer).  Thor Industries manufactures towable and motorized recreational vehicles.
Patrick manufactures components for RV's, manufactured homes, boats and has been buying smaller companies
who make similar components for these industries.  Thor (THO) has 8B market cap and 19 p/e.  Patrick(PATK)is 1.7B and 22 p/e.


EPS          Rev
$0.86        $0.98 B
 1.51         1.30
 1.57         1.38
 1.49         1.78
 1.23         1.68
 2.11         2.00
 2.26         1.90
 2.43         2.20


EPS          Rev
$0.52       $249 M
 0.53        279
 0.73        315
 0.53        304
 0.59        324
 0.75        345
 0.85        407
 0.72        408

Thor was a recent IBD breakout, or near-breakout, which I purchased yesterday.  I held PATK for awhile a
year or two ago.  I haven't been holding because I judged them to be cyclical, they have no recurring
revenue and I didn't see any "growth hook".  That hook might be the aging population and the income
disparity whereby the top 20% or so are increasing wealth above GDP growth rate (as I understand it.
These could provide some additional, understandable companies similar to LGIH.  Both are "heartland" U.S.A. manufacturing companies.


Oh, Patrick Industries has more optionality, selling to more applications, but business to business. I didn’t compare margins, or sales expenses. :frowning:


If I remember right from looking them up over a year ago, PATK has mainly grown by making lots of acquisitions.