Thoughts on LOGM

Hi Saul

(I’ve been lurking on this board for a few weeks, slowly getting up to date with the threads and philosophy. Great job - it is now one of my favorite places to come for potentially actionable information.)

Calculating renewal rate on the basis of net dollars means that if they offer a customer a discount to renew or renew early then the renewal rate will apparently take a hit.

In this sort of space, it is very common for customers to be offered incentives to renew early or to change their type of subscription, generally resulting in the customer paying a smaller invoice. Citrix are particularly aggressive with this sort of approach, for example.

Hopefully this adds some additional perspective to their data - their treatment of it actually seems refreshingly conservative!

Hope this helps



I know Saul has exited this but others might still be interested.

LOGM’s sp has been performing really well of late and now we have what looks like stunning results with beats across the board……

With a major piece of news - a merger with Citrix GoTo business!…

Could be an exit point or the start of something massive.