Thoughts on recent ERs and positions

I know it is OT, but the business environment continues to degrade. Lowering expectations generally but leaving greater “% Growth” still possible for young companies. (Fastly & Datadog both fit here, imo.) During poor business cycles disruptive companies that provide essential new tools or cost-saving tools do very well, compared to the whole.

Next, I’m not going to chase growth stocks by moving from Datadog or Fastly to Zoom; if you already took some lumps on FSLY or DDOG rotating to ZM is not ‘investing in growing companies’, it’s gambling. Like Saul said (paraphrasing): “What 68% isn’t good enough for you?!” I’m in agreement with many that the ‘new Teladoc’ concerns me, as the loss of execution-time (spent merging) and uncertainties about whose management is still present greatly alter my confidence. I’m still muddling through my thoughts on TDOC/LVGO.

Last, if I am altering my portfolio weights, I try to maintain preference for my most certain knowledge. What I know about Fastly and Datadog this weekend is more certain than what I project for Zoom from early June.

-Another Rob


I’m suffering setbacks on LVNGO and TDOC but I am determined to hang in there and see if together they remain my largest holding. Thanks for all your inputs.