Thousands of Electric School Buses on Order

Here is a state by state list of electric school bus orders using VW Settlement money: Electric school bus adoption continues to expand in the United States.

School districts and fleet operators have now committed 12,275 electric school buses in 38 states. That’s more than 10,000 electric school buses since the release of WRI’s January 2022 dataset, and almost a 10-fold increase since WRI began tracking electric school bus adoption in August 2021. The vast majority of these buses come from a contract announced at the end of December between bus dealer Midwest Transit Equipment and SEA Electric, a manufacturer of commercial electric vehicles. This agreement promises to convert 10,000 school buses to electric over the next five years.

This significant rise in electric school bus commitments is a testament to tireless advocacy work at the local, state and federal levels, bolstered by more funding opportunities across the country.