Time for a look at ISRG?

mauser96 wrote:

Complex difficult surgery will migrate away from small hospitals, just like it is doing now

But not because pts are choosing robotic surgery over laparoscopic. People are more obese, they live longer with chronic conditions that used to kill at younger ages. I only refer to larger hospitals for morbid obesity, when my anesthesiologists say someone’s airway is too difficult due to obesity, or the pt’s weight exceeds the limits of my OR bed.

Also, fully stocked blood banks, 24/7 cardiologists/pulmonologists/specialists are available at these bigger hospitals and not always available at 3am in the smaller ones. But a LOT of surgery still happens at community hospitals, and at outpatient surgery centers, and isn’t going away soon. Not everyone can afford to stay overnight in the big city, nor can their families afford to drive to the bigger cities to visit for an inpatient stay. For some here, it’s a 2+ hour drive to the nearest big hospital and rural transport systems are minimal if you don’t have a reliable vehicle.

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not to be argumentative but I go only to large hospitals for anything but simple procedures.

Recently I had both hip joints replaced. My orthopod does perhaps 10 or 12 of these a week. I’ll take that over somebody doing a couple a month. Plus since it is a University Hospital I have lots of expertise in case something goes wrong.

There is a place for both institutions but I never blindly accept referrals

So many posts on ISRG seem to have little to do with ISRG as an investment. And are actually making me look harder at it.

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So many posts on ISRG seem to have little to do with ISRG as an investment.

I disagree. These boots-on-the-ground comments from people about the equipment are just the kind of insights we need.


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The boots on the ground comments have been the same for more than a decade. I remember one surgeon on the boards who said the same thing, and then bought the stock. That was around $40.

The absolute worse (and best) sources of information are those most directly affected (threatened) by it. The best because you know where and why they are coming from.

For those who have been around a while, we have seen this happen forever w ISRG and so many times in other unique stocks. The ones you really want to hold but that are always “overvalued” and always awful things by the conventional wisdom. The worst was w QCOM just before it went on its 26x streak in 1999 lol about that tonthis day.

Mauser says what he says because he has heard this about ISRG since 2005 - verbatim.

It is simply amazing it still persists today as if the issue was never settled. You may be right, but the market did not care and still does not.

Dos and Windows just sucks as far as I am concerned. Crashed all the time, viruses up the yin yang, text graphics scale poorly and. VISTA like OMG. Gates is the world’s riches man. Let it go.


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Hi Denny - sorry it’s a late reply - I’ve been travelling around.

I like ROBO as it’s a Low cost ETF in an area of a lot of promise. I like a lot of the US, German, Swiss and Japanese robotics companies but haven’t had a chance to decipher a winner so this was my sector play in an area I believe will out grow industry’s average.