TIME TO END the Little Catch-Up thread

To my amazement there are 22 posts on that OFF-TOPIC thread already, which I had started with a little mid-month update. IT’S MY OWN FAULT, certainly, as I started it, but I started it as just a bit of encouragement to the board in seeing how much our companies are up from their bottoms.

And I could also point out that as of Friday’s close my portfolio (while still down 49.5% for the year), has grown to be TWELVE TIMES as valuable as it was at the beginning of 2017, up 1100% in five and a half years, while the S&P is up roughly 100%. It just blows me away that anyone would still think that they could do better than what we’ve been doing with a more “conservative” approach.

Let’s END THAT THREAD HERE. Feel free to contact me off board if you must.

Thanks for your cooperation.