Tipping with square

Over the past 6 months I’ve seen a lot of places that I go to- the coffee shop in my office, the bakery I go to, and various fast food places adopt Square for payment. And it’s been great as a consumer experience, so easy to pay, don’t have to touch BPA coated receipts as they are emailed to me etc.

But it’s also kind of interesting to see the cashier confront me with a very public choice of what tip to make…for services that previously did not really have much of a tip choice, like a jar sitting out.

I suspect that these places have seen a surge in tipping because of Square, and perhaps that has helped adoption as cashiers/workers spread the word and pressure owners to move to this way of taking payment? I can’t prove it, and clearly there are other reasons to adopt it, but I really wonder…

What do you guys think?


Yes I just tipped at a self serve pizza place where in the past I would not have. I was offered 12 percent as the lowest non custom option. I can definitely see word of mouth help the adoption of Square point of sale to a higher percentage of small business. Easy way to kelp employees stay satisfied! While my experience is anecdotal, it is not insignificant when multiplied by thousands of locations.


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It also increases $ processed by Square, not insignificantly

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