Titled the "law of increasing functional information,"

{ it holds that evolving systems, biological and non-biological, always form from numerous interacting building blocks like atoms or cells, and that processes exist - such as cellular mutation - that generate many different configurations. Evolution occurs, it holds, when these various configurations are subject to selection for useful functions. }

Nine scientists are proposing to broaden the Theory of Evolution to apply to complexity of all systems and the levels of increasing organization.

Sub atomic particles β†’ atoms β†’ molecules β†’ (biological) organelles β†’ cells β†’ tissues β†’ organs β†’ organ systems β†’ organ !sm β†’ family/tribe β†’ community β†’ biological community

Alongside these Biological levels, the chemical/physics levels:
Atoms β†’ Compounds β†’ ? β†’ ? Soils/water/air β†’ ? Robots β†’ ?
Until these all combine to form:

β†’ ecosystem β†’ geo regions β†’ continents β†’ oceans β†’ Gaia and the world wide web β†’ solar/star system β†’ Dyson spheres β†’ galaxy β†’ universe …

As if it’s all self organizing and evolving to some distant, useful function β€œend”?
LOLOLOL. It’s Saturday Night!


Apparently the Internet needs a group of scientists to recommend a broadening if the list of β€œLevels of organization” , too!


Not a new idea. The Science of Complexity posits β€œEmergent Properties.”

Innovators like Steve Jobs and Colonel John Boyd explain how.

The Captain