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TransMedics got a a nice plug in this article:

Tufts Medical Center has broken its own record for the number of heart transplants completed in a single calendar year in the New England region, the hospital said in a press release.

The center announced Monday that it completed 61 adult heart transplants in 2023, breaking its previous record set in 2016 by five procedures. The milestone makes the center the first in New England to reach that number of transplants in a year.

Vest said the success of the heart transplant program can be attributed to the center being at the forefront of technological innovations that allow for faster and longer transportation of organs. Vest specifically said a new portable enclosure system designed to preserve donor hearts known as TransMedics Organ Care System has allowed the center to obtain hearts from across the country.

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Tufts Medical Center broke its record for adult heart transplants in 2023 (