Todays Episode of: As The Portfolio Churns

After raising all that cash with sells and trims over the last week or so - I wanted to rock steady with patience. And I did - until this morning around 10AM or so. And then this:

Added to everybody today with the exception of ENPH. Not a massive infusion of cash - but enough. Sort of pacing myself.

Also - changed my mind on TTD and added it back. Got it back at about a buck and some change cheaper so that has assuaged my hair trigger decision to sell it in the first place: Still, more as a repository of cash than an expectation of game winning fireworks. I suppose.

Also - bought UPST back. It shaved a bit more off its price and I see it sort of like a lottery ticket. It either allows me to buy a small Greek island - say Santorini or maybe Corfu; which; is more of a mixed bag than actually and purely being Greek. Or at least a nice 45ft crewed Yacht. (I might have to settle for an inflatable raft and/or a e-Bike.)

In that same category but with somewhat less aspirational dreams - I also added PLTR as a UPST travel partner.

All the Best,
BDH Investing