Totally off-topic and an appeal for aid

This is truly completely off-topic. My daughter, 25, has just finished her Masters Degree in Regional Studies of East Asia, with a concentration in Chinese Anthropology, at Harvard. She is looking for a job with a company doing business in, or outsourcing to, China.

She’s fluent in Mandarin Chinese, in English, and in French, and less so in Japanese. Her Spanish is rusty. She has lived a total of two years in China off and on.

Her area of study dealt with the interaction between traditional Chinese customs and culture and modern technology. She would be able to assist companies who are doing business in Greater China to understand and to adapt to China and its customs, to negotiate more effectively, to avoid egregious cultural errors, and to make optimal business decisions adapted for China.

If you know of a company that might be interested in her skills, I would appreciate your letting me know. (You could write to me directly, which would avoid cluttering the board with off-topic posts. Even if you don’t know of an appropriate job, I’d appreciate if you could put a rec on this post, as people will be more likely to read it if it has a few recs).

Thanks so much for any help.



Congratulations on raising a child to be a productive member of society. My hat is off to you. Also give your daughter my congratulations on getting a degree in an area that should be in great demand.



How about the Diplomatic Copps?