'Touchless World' Theme / Basket

Hi everyone,

I live in downtown Chicago and have noticed that construction has slowly ground to a halt. However, there is quite a bit of activity inside of large workplaces/office buildings/hotels - those buildings are being modernized/retrofitted to be “touchless” - elevators, badge scanners/keypads, touchless doors, phone systems that are not shared, etc. I think there is a play of “touchless world” to be invested in.

I tried to find companies that fit into this basket (ahem Jason Moser ahem). One idea is elevators - Otis? When you go to Otis and Kone websites, only Otis really boasts a touchless or smart elevator. I imagine there are private players as well though… but that is one thought.

A second use case is keyless entry into hotels / buildings and/or auto-opening doors. Shared access keycards will likely be a thing of the past so how can we identify an app that will solve that gap?

Another thought is a company like Cisco/Microsoft - likely current shared phones will be replaced with individual devices OR eliminated instead by using headsets on computers (teams/skype/etc.).

Another idea is the underlying construction companies - maybe some won’t be hit as hard as others if this is a new revenue stream that certain companies can capture.

What does everyone think? How can we run down some of these ideas?



What does everyone think? How can we run down some of these ideas?

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