Trade desk earnings…

- Mobile (In-App, Video and Web) increased to over a third of gross spend for the quarter highlighting the growing importance of this channel to advertisers.
- Native spend was very strong in Q2 surpassing all Native spend in 2016, which was launched in Q2 2016.
- Mobile In-App grew 87% from Q2 2016 to Q2 2017.
- Mobile Video grew 171% from Q2 2016 to Q2 2017.
- Connected TV grew 167% from Q2 2016 to Q2 2017.


I bought TTD for earnings near yesterday’s lows. I sold it this am for a quick +4 due to its failure to take out the top of its channel. If it can’t take out the $56 level on a .34 beat I don’t know what catalyst in the near term will. I will keep an eye on that $56 level and if it breaks out will consider a repurchase.


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Please clarify what you mean by “due to its failure to take out the top of its channel.”

Thank you.



Here is a link to TTD’s daily chart. As you can see it has been channeling basically between 50 and 56.
Look also at the last time it reported earnings. It gapped to the 50-56 area. I would have expected this report to take it out of this 3 month channel into a new range. The fact that it has not give me pause so I got out for now. I bought yesterday at 49.63 and when I didn’t see the breakout I got out +4. I can always rebuy, but would rather wait and see. If SHOP drops again to the low 80’s I’d rather put that money toward it than TTD.…


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