Trader Joes moves onto the Ethereum Chain


Oh. With this headline I thought an actual business providing food, wine, and other useful products to people was going to use the technology.

Turns out it’s another trading platform for trading, um, made up tokens and stuff.

From the piece:

Amid all the sound and fury over FTX, I’m not sure how many people have noticed that the few institutions that seriously tried to make use of blockchains seem to be giving up.

I initially thought the same. Slimy bastards abound.


Me Too Goofy!! :joy: :joy:



Part of the problem for me was that Andy entitled the post “Trader Joes” instead of Trader Joe. This may seem like an insignificant detail, but to those of us who regularly shop there, that name form is iconic.


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I dug deeper and found the information I needed.

Aldi Nord owns Trader Joes. Aldi Sud owns Aldi in the US. The Albrecht spelling brothers split the company in Germany over a difference on selling cigarettes. The two Aldis in Germany sell basically the same products…north German v south Germany and a similar split of northern European countries v southern European countries.

Love me some Trader Joe"s".

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