Trading Blocks Sold 1/26

With today’s morning rally I was able to sell the following TBs:

  1. SNOW - purchased 1/25 at 138.75 and sold this morning at $148.27 for a short term gain of +6.86%.

  2. DDOG - purchased 1/25 at 67.34 and sold this morning at 73.51 for a short term gain of +9.17%.

  3. BILL - purchased 1/25 at 101.81 and sold this morning at 109.67 for short term gain of +7.72%.

  4. NET - purchased 1/25 at 43.97 and sold this morning at 47.80 for a short term gain of

  5. CRWD - purchased 1/25 at 98.47 and sold this morning at 102.93 for a short term gain of +4.53%

  6. GLBE - purchased 1/25 at 24.76 and sold this morning at 26.07 for a short term gain of +5.28%

Note 1) I only buy and sell trading blocks of companies I follow closely.

Note 2) TBs typically come in two flavors: 5% of the core position or 10% of the core position. The difference depends on the size of the down move and the amount of
confidence I have in the position.

Note 3). If you might try this - which I don’t recommend, then limit your TBs to 1 per customer and simply be willing to wait until it gains the ground that compels you to sell for short term gains. Note 3a - I have started to break this rule and extending TBs for any given stock to two. Logic tells me that this is twice as risky and mostly likely to be avoided by anyone but the more accomplished Trading Block Strategist (TBS).

Now on to another subject:

The highly successful and much desired Champico Industries Alien Detection Device - which has been disguised to look pretty much like any old common brick, has been re-named in front of a new marketing campaign that will take your families safety from aliens to an entirely new level. After all, with rising interest rates, crime in the streets, a deteriorating educational system, and wide open borders the last thing your family should worry about is being abducted by aliens from some distant planet from another galaxy.
After years of testing and use with 100% success we are ready to go national with a product whose time has come - or something like that.

Introducing ALIEN SHIELD. The only product on the market guaranteed to prevent Alien abductions - G U A R A N T E E D. Thats right - 100% guaranteed. Should you or any of your family be abducted by Aliens while using ALIEN SHIELD Champico Industries will promptly issue you a full refund. ( Naturally to obtain the refund you must furnish pictures and proof)

Here are just a few Testimonials:

Tim J. from Duluth: Since we purchased the Alien Shield no one in our family has been abducted by aliens in over two years.

Mable H. from Tupelo: This area is just crawling with Aliens but since placing the Alien Shield in our attic not one of those creepy little green man has come to our door. Why just last week Sally Sue over in Rallyport was grabbed from her home by a beam of bright white light.

Tom G. Somewhere: My children sleep well all night since we purchased our Alien Shield. It has everlasting potential and is the only Alien Shield my family will ever buy. (Note - we cannot in good conscious verify the identity of this owner.)

And thats just a few of the glowing comments from Alien Shield owners.

Alien Shield comes in two prime and decorative colors: Red Brick and Brown Brick. And theres more - should you choose Champico Industries ALIEN SHIELD as a Service (ASaaS) as new improvements and updates come on line we can automatically beam them to your ALIEN SHIELD. Customers who purchase the ASaaS version will also receive a small Entirely Mobile ALIEN SHIELD (EMAS) which can be carried around in a purse or backpack for ongoing and 100% protection.

There is not doubt this product is going to be H U G E and is perfect for birthdays, wedding anniversaries, etc. You can get your own ALIEN SHIELD for only $129.99 plus tax and shipping. The Deluxe Edition ALIEN SHIELD comes with ACME stamped prominently on the side suitable for display at family gatherings and cost only $25 more. Interested Investors who want to get in on this remarkable opportunity should contact Champico Industries directly.

All the Best,