Trailing 12 Months


I was wondering if there is an easy way to find the TTM for revenues, EBIT, EBITDA? I can get this quarterly with 10-Q and work out if 10-K is also available for the last quarter.

Eddie is pretty good for this, as is the webull app.

Thanks tchalla, I signed up and looked at financials for example. I dont see it, is this available on the freemium or only on paid subscribers?


it’s right there under the bar chart for income statement evolution…

You can find TTM results on There is a section called "30 Y Financials’. You do NOT need membership to see the data. You DO need to keep clicking out of the Sign in box. They gave financials by quarters and TTM.

sorry i was looking at LTM

TTM Revs here

if you click on show line, you can adjust for output as necessary


I would only use data from the company’s investor relations or gov. documents like the 10-Q. How do you know the computer copied everything correctly and you have the correct information? More work but you know the information is right.


Thanks Jim, I can get the quarterly data for example but TTM normally is for the last 12 months so was wondering where you get the data for the gaps in the quarter?


Hi Eddie,

I’m not sure what you mean by gaps. You can get each quarter since the company went public on the the companies investor relations page.

If the company is a recent IPO, you will have to track down the S1, their IPO filling. In the S1 you will see discussion that usually uses yearly data, but down in the middle of the document quarterly data is listed.


Just a follow up to this thread - I’ve recently come across which seems to meet the requirements here.

Still kicking the tyres, but it looks very good so far. It’s great for comparing LTM growth rates across our companies