Travel warning issued for Black Americans in Florida

I was watching a documentary on the Tuskegee Airmen some years ago. One of the vets, from a northern city, recalled his trip south to start training. When the train stopped on the southern side of the “Mason Dixon line”, all the African Americans were herded out of most of the cars, and into the “Negro” car.



Totally agree! Our former neighbors were 2 gay white guys. Great guys. High income, loved to travel. One day we were talking about vacation spots, and they said that they always checked to see if it’s a safe place for gays to vacation. They are fans of the West coast, but not South so much…

I never thought about that. Too bad.



So, you have any other stories from 80 years ago when the military was segregated?


Here are the numbers I found for states with more than 5,000 black-owned businesses.

       Blk-owned      Population   Bus/1000
       Businesses,K      K
MD       6.57          6,165         1.06
GA       8.93         10,913         0.82
VA       5.29          8,683         0.61
NY      11.39         19,677         0.58
NC       5.84         10,699         0.55
FL      11.93         22,245         0.54
TX       9.73         30,030         0.32
CA      10.29         39,029         0.26

Check my math.


DB2 makes CA , TX adn FL among the worst.

Sad about CA.

I am going by “Bus/1000”.

Simply going by “Bus/1000” is simplistic; size and quality of the business and other factors also count; that is why the states listed are considered the top 10:

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By Amanda Postma Jun. 11, 2020

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With African Americans occupying 13% of the U.S. population, it’s shocking that only 7% of the country’s businesses are black-owned. Recent events have led to a nationwide push to support black-owned businesses so we wanted to find out what states support a thriving environment for black-owned businesses.

The Most Supportive States for Black-Owned Businesses

  1. Maryland
  2. Georgia
  3. New York
  4. California
  5. Virginia
  6. Texas
  7. New Jersey
  8. Massachusetts
  9. North Carolina
  10. Florida

This list is comprised of the most supportive states for black-owned businesses. If you don’t see your state on the list above keep reading to find our complete list of the states ranked by their supportiveness.


We looked at four factors to determine the best states for black business owners:

  • Number of black-owned businesses per capita
  • The amount of people employed by black-owned businesses
  • Percent of black residents with a bachelor’s degree or higher
  • The percent of black workers who work in management and business

The first factor we examined was the number of black-owned businesses per capita, using data from the Census’ Annual Business Survey. What better way to determine which states have the right environment and support for black businesses to flourish than the number of black businesses currently in operation?

After that, we pulled in the number of workers employed by black businesses to gauge the size
and the success of those businesses.

However, businesses don’t grow in a vacuum. We then looked at the percent of black residents with a bachelors’ degree or higher from the ACS. College is great to get the knowledge you need for your business to succeed and meet people who can help you along the way.

Finally, using the trusty ACS data, we examined the percent of black workers who work in management and business. A strong business community of color provides valuable experience and mentorship.

Due to too small of a sample size in the Small Business Survey, Wyoming, Vermont, Connecticut, and Maine were excluded from our rankings."




It is a good resource until

But yeah in that FL is not in the top ten. Still good. Except on this sort of list it is very much second to other demographics.

Does history make you uncomfortable Drbob?



Not at all. I read lots of history books.


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I would like to see a ranking of black owned businesses per black population. A general “per capita” is interesting, but the are a lot of black owned businesses which only cater (or primarily cater) to a black clientele. I’m not surprised Maryland and Georgia (for example) have a lot of black owned businesses, they also have a large black population- more, per capita, thank New York or California, for instance.


There are always potential problems with these weighted rankings. I’m not sure that the percent of blacks with a bachelor’s degree is all that significant. The majority of (all) entrepreneurs do not have a bachelor’s degree. Also, the number of black-owned businesses per capita should be adjusted for the percent of the population that is black.



Ask the CNN reporter that asked the question of the NAACP. May or may not be in the link I provided with the original statement.