Treading into 2023

Transaction-wise - very quiet week. Had pondered selling some ZIM shares, but then balked. GSM keeps getting cheaper - could not pass. Mid-week added to FRO. Found out last week, I can contribute more to Roth ac in 2023.

Very active day

  • Trimmed VZ in taxable ac
  • Trimmed VZ in Roth ac
  • Trimmed AMZN in taxable ac
  • Trimmed NAT in taxable ac
  • Exited DDOG in Roth ac
  • Exited FLGT in Roth ac
  • Sold FRC in taxable ac
  • Sold GOGL in taxable ac
  • Added to QCOM in taxable ac


  • Another FRO nibble
  • Trimmed CPNG in Trading ac
  • Under-$9, SFL was tempting- a nibble. At other times, I would not have done this transaction, There are certainly other ideas e.g. CLCO, TRMD. Maybe even NAT. But, I think I can wait for NAT to complete a better pullback


Somehow this item seems more along the lines of the Q3 2022 results i.e. constructuve talks with producers, vs we (producer) need immediate need for a FLNG asset e.g. the in-progress FLNG Mark 2 build. That’s just me - I could be wrong.

Cash being recycled into existing ideas - more VEEV, more BHP, more QCOM, more NAT.

Nibbled on ENPH today

Trimmed CPNG on bounce.


  • Aaii! a short attack takes down a major holding - Icahn Partners (IEP).
    What to do? Um, buy more IEP :slight_smile:
  • NAT retreats a little more. Again, buy more … two NAT nibbles
  • A FRO nibble
  • Another TRMD bite

05/03 - 05/04

  • SBLK nibble
  • IEP nibble
  • FLNG nibble
  • FRO nibble
  • CPNG - taxable ac close out (smaller slice in Roth ac)

Last week it was IEP. This week it seems to be VATE - is this like the billionaire’s curse? (Icahn with IEP, Glazer with VATE)
IEP recovered some with the announcement of Q2 distribution (kept at $2). But price plunged again after SEC asked for docs.

TRMD took a small dive, even with decent results. I’m thinking, the build-up for the reserve ($1.8M per vessel on seven LR1s ) likely had a small impact on Q1 numbers. But, a Q1 2023 payout that make a 10% yield for the year very likely, is quite enticing. Added to position.

Then again, nice bounces from tech plays - GSM & ENTG

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  • ZIM shares took another dip
  • VATE continues to plunge
  • FLNG reported today and took a 5.72% hit.
    Already realized losses with DDOG, DIS, TKLF
    Taken body blows with QCOM, IEP too
    May is beginning to feel like “death by a thousand cuts”

Week ending 05/19

  • More RA
  • More IEP
  • More FLNG
  • Cleared QQQ from taxable ac
  • Another QYLD nibble


  • NAT announced Q1 2023 results. Pretty good on the TCE and planned div. Still opted to monetize a portion of the stake.
  • ZIM announced Q1 2023 results too. Not great; no income = no div in Q1. Glad I trimmed stake last week.
  • GSM bounced - trimmed stakes in taxable, DRIP and Roth ac (still a Top 10 stake)
  • Playing with fire? Added to VATE stake.
  • Number of shipping ideas look interesting e.g. ESEA, GNK, TRMD (though they might have gone ex-div today)


  • Last day to trade on the TD Ameritrade platform. After the holiday, brokerage customers transition to Schwab. Figured I would complete some kind of trade to close out my experience with TD Ameritrade - a SBLK nibble.

  • IEP got slammed yesterday.

  • Wish I had a larger Nvidia (NVDA) stake prior to yesterday - now that’s a bounce :slight_smile:

  • MRVL moved up some yesterday and dramatically today.

Had thought I had done all that was needed for my Schwab account transition - apparently not. Response from Schwab has been sad - waited on hold about 8 min, then opted for a call-back. No call after 55 min, so I called Schwab back. Gave them my call-back number after about 4-5 min of being on hold. Schwab finally called after 15 min. After a temp password, and a password reset, I finally got access to my Schwab accounts, The taxable and IRA accounts are linked - not a major fan of this feature,

Golar announced Q1 23 results - negative (a loss) and positive (div & share buyback announcement) surprises. Older vessel has been sold,