Trending: Real Estate, Long Bonds, Major Indices, & Emerging Markets

Your friend, the market trend, is not going up. The trend on all the above is going down … but the trend is still and always your friend!

Energy is up, but not in a confirmed uptrend.

Macro Trend: Americans sour on green energy, but corporate is still in love … with taxpayer dollars.


Barrons on Fox Business had speaker from Pimco. She said S&P 500 can decline another 15% based on PEs expected in a recession. That’s after 30% decline already as earnings may decline 25% or more.

So far we have seen the impact of rising costs, shifts in spending, and businesses trimming costs in anticipation. Slowing demand from rising interest is yet to arrive.

They recommended short term bonds, muni bonds, or corporate bonds to fill the gap for now. Returns will be less than inflation but likely better than losses in equities.

Good of them to recommend.

What happened in the UK to the bond market might go global and deep.