Trivia: BEAT, IRTC, NEOG - new all time high

On Friday 9/1/2017 BEAT, IRTC, and NEOG all made new all time highs!

Denny Schlesinger

And again today on a big down market day.

BEAT    37.75    +0.15    +0.40%
IRTC    48.26    +0.41    +0.86%
NEOG    69.63    +0.05    +0.07%

I might get you guys interested yet! :wink:

Denny Schlesinger


Denny I’m with you on NEOG. I’ve been very pleased with it.

I’m looking to see if BEAT can actually generate any platform type market dominance with moat in sensors and biometric readings etc. As far as I can tell everyone is out there playing for tiny fragments of the market from fitbit to apple watch and iphone to every electronic device to clothing manufacturers. “THE Leading” may just be a early and market share lead as opposed to market dominance and control like Microsoft.


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