Trudeau Overreached

Court Finds Trudeau Overreached by Using Emergency Law to End Blockade

The government said it will appeal the decision that came two years after the start of a trucker protest that paralyzed the downtown of Canada’s capital.

The court ruled that imposing the Emergency Act was: an unjustified infringement of civil rights, including the protection against unreasonable search and seizure, and, in some instances, the freedom of expression as well.


Not all hope is lost for Canada!

The Captain

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OK. Now what? Is Trudeau going to be prosecuted for a crime? Is he going to be forced out of office? Are the protesters planning to restart their protest? Is the king going to come over and deliver a formal tsk tsk?

In the US, it probably would have been declared an unlawful assembly and dispersed, or the protesters arrested .

Lawsuits to recover seized monies plus damages? Political repercussions?