Truth in Advertising

How did we miss this one, guys? If you’re anything like me you’re asking if truth in advertising even exists any more. But neither question is really the right question. The pertinent question is how could we have ever guessed this one?

I’ve played some decent turn-around stories (and a few turn-around losers too) but I’ve never caught one like Domino’s and even looking back in hindsight, I don’t know how an investor could have caught this one without a lot of luck. Or, I’m missing something huge. That could be it. I saw most of their tv ads (paraphrasing: “Our pizza sucks. We screwed up big time. But wait. Now we’re going to do it right.”) Being such a cynic about truth in advertising (I didn’t know there was such a thing any more) how could one ever know that they were downright serious, let alone actually capable of making it happen?

. . . Domino’s share price growth has outpaced the most successful tech companies in the world since 2010.

Pizza?! Now way! Wow!

Truth in advertising indeed. So maybe it’s not quite extinct – yet. This has to be a record case of turning lemons into lemonade. Mark one in the win column for truth, justice and the (former) American way.

And just when my cynicism was paying so well ,

So the next time you see an ad from the Reverend GoodGuy for Miracle Spring Water and the testimony from the lady who needed $10k for a life-saving operation who sent in for her Miracle Spring Water (only $29.99! and if you call in the next 20 minutes, get TWO bottles, just pay separate shipping and fraud charges) and received twice that amount in an unspuspected check in the mail the very next week …

No, wait.

Crap. I’m still a cynic.



Yeah well Domino’s pizza still sux as well.

I don’t know if they’ll ever go public, but despite growing up on good east coast pizza, I kind of like their square Detroit-style pizza:’s_Pizza