TS: $TSLA Owners Will Not Like This

The Street headline: New Data Shows Something Tesla Owners Are Not Going To Like
Tesla’s Autopilot system is revolutionary. But is it safe?


But earlier this month, the NHTSA indicated that it would expand an already active probe into the autopilot feature to include as many as 830,000 Tesla Model Y, X, S, and 3 vehicles sold between 2014 and 2021.

Now, that data is ready for release, and according to a new report from AP News, Tesla’s crash rate per 1,000 vehicles “was substantially higher than the corresponding numbers for other automakers.”

Murdoch’s NY Post has picked up on the story. Will the WSJ be next? Anyway, more on the competition’s Level 2 driving assistance:

NY Post headline printed over story from the AP News wire: Data likely shows Teslas on Autopilot crash more than rivals


General Motors said it reported three crashes while its “Super Cruise” or other partially automated systems were in use. The company said it has sold more than 34,000 vehicles with Super Cruise since its debut in 2017.

Nissan, with over 560,000 vehicles on the road using its ”ProPilot Assist,” didn’t have to report any crashes, the company said.

Stellantis, formerly Fiat Chrysler, said it reported two crashes involving its systems. Ford reported zero involving its “Blue Cruise” driver-assist system which went on sale in the spring, though Ford wouldn’t say if there were crashes with less-capable systems.

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