$TSLA Pumper Deluxe Awakens About FSD

This guy, Gary Black - a former indefatigable pumper of all things $TSLA, will be excommunicated from the cult any day now:


Replying to @RonMadison11 @Bill_Schuknecht and 3 others
I don’t get it. Put $TSLA in a geofenced city like SFO and it can’t compete with Waymo. Then take Waymo to Las Vegas. TSLA still can’t compete. Then bring Waymo to Miami. TSLA can’t compete. If you’re watching this game on TV, who’s winning?

Meanwhile, carbuzz.com says the $TSLA Troll Army (the worst members of the cult, think Scientology enforcers for Miscavige, except here, these harpies long for a nod from Elon on Twitter) is hurting the EV movement.

Charts and that news here:


1) $TSLA Daily chart closes below the 200 EMA again. Adding the Weekly and Monthly charts as well

Gary Black might as well realize Elon Musk will never be cordial to him again on Twitter, especially when you’re rubbing salt into the wounds.

p.s. This is the reason I never blocked some of the biggest $TSLA pumpers ever on Twitter. Had Gary not posted this, I would have never known anything about this company in China:



AutoX is one of the most advanced AV companies in China. It is currently testing its AVs in Shenzhen (pop’n 12M) where it has a permit to operate driverless robotaxis. It is also one of 7 AV companies granted a driverless AV permit in CA (must be L4.)

Also, he linked to this video. This is levels and miles above $TSLA’s dangerous FSD.


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