$TSLA Smart-Summons Crashes Into Parked Jet

Summons feature is now being marketed as “Smart Summons.” Too many of these clowns owning Teslas are into the “smart summons” party tricks which go awry like this.


The video evidence would point to the owner not paying attention when summoning the vehicle since it looks like there was plenty of time to see that the vehicle was heading straight for the jet.

In order for Smart Summon to work, the owner has to keep their finger on a button in the app. As soon as they lift their finger, the car comes to a stop. In this case, it is particularly concerning that the Tesla vehicle kept moving forward after making contact with the plane.

In the past, Tesla vehicles on Autopilot have had difficulties detecting objects that are lifted off the ground, like a semi trailer, which can be similar to the back of an airplane.