TSLA, UKraine Internet

Starlink service is now active in Ukraine. More terminals en route. - Elon on twittr.


The twitter universe was wondering how come there are no videos’ from Ukraine on the attacks, devastation, etc. Once the world realized because Russia took out the internet services, Elon quickly within 24 hours enabled internet services.

Set aside your Stock valuation bias, Elon an engineering talent is something you should appreciate. Before governments’ can react, A private company, citizen can make this happen is amazing.

While day-to-day politics of America may be tiring, soul sucking, it’s capitalism may seem flawed compared to orderly communism of China, on any day, a very flawed democracy is preferable. Still USA is beacon of hope.


Replying to myself… because I missed posting this important lin.

Ukraine vice prime minister make a request to Elon on twitter, within 12 hours he could get it up and running. Imagine having such a CEO. I know there are lot of folks who questioned (including myself) his ability to work with people. But he still executes. Amazing.



How are the dishes & equipment going to get there? Will they get there in quantity before it’s all over? I would imagine that the delivery time would be a couple of weeks or longer.

Elon an engineering talent is something you should appreciate.

He is also the best one man marketing machine out there with hundreds of millions of passionate fans.

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