TTD Jeff Green and China

There was an interview back in March with Jeff Green on CNBC’s Closing Bell that really caught my attention. The entire interview is worth a listen but if you focus in around 4:10 they start to discuss the Chinese market.

My biggest take away is the “trust factor” that TTD has built with their clients that will pave the way for their expansion into China. Think about that for a second. Trust.

TTD has already built strategic partnerships and trust with their clients. Those clients include over half the companies in the S&P 500 according to the Q1 earnings report. Half the companies in the S&P 500!

It’s far easier for a client like Visa to trust TTD when advertising in China vs them going directly to a Baidu or Alibaba. TTD offers that sense of familiarity and protectionism to a customer that is looking to advertise in China. Someone like Visa has to be thinking…I can trust these guys, they are going to protect our data, they are going to be looking out for our best interests. That has tremendous value to a client.

I can live with TTD’s lumpy quarterly growth when I consider the long-term vision of Green and the “trust factor” that TTD will leverage to expand in China.


Why would TTD have access to Visa’s data?

Why would TTD have access to Visa’s data?

TTD is able to integrate client data with their own data and their platform to help run a campaign. It is one reason why the trust factor is so big, even domestically. It is unlikely a brand would provide that data to Amazon given that Amazon will probably compete with them at some point if they are not already.