TTD Ranking…

Found poll ranking DSPs. Quite interesting. Link to NPI post is above. We have been talking about the David Gardner framework and using PSTG as an example of how you would use it to not choose PSTG as an investment.…

Thus I looked up this info on TTD in that context. TTD materially trails Amazon, but TTD also has excellent momentum over the past 11 months moving from #5 to #3 and increasing its marketshare 8 points, which equates to 44%.

Okay, not marketshare. It’s relative popularity w in the confines of whatever methodology was used in the survey.

However you look at it, AMZN is by far the favorite. Too Dog so to speak. But it appears from those taking it in-house, self-service that TTD does better or,perhaps even best (although those numbers are not specifically provided).