Tusla Remote Work Program

This 22-year-old earns $200,000 per year in Tulsa, Oklahoma—and saves around $11,000 a month. Now he’s on track to retire in his 30s.

Tulsa Remote is a recruitment initiative that aims to attract remote workers to the city. Its primary perk is a $10,000 grant, which is distributed over the course of one year, during which participants are obligated to live and work within Tulsa’s city limits.

When Brock was 18, a mentor he met at a robotics club when he was a kid offered him a job as a DevOps engineer. He decided to accept it instead of going to college. “It just didn’t make financial sense to take four years and however much it would have cost to go to college instead,” he says.

Now here’s a young man who understands “the skim”.