TV ratings for the year

The TV landscape has been changing for years, from the Big 3 to the Big 4, the explosion of cable, then Netflix CDs and now streaming, but so-called “linear networks” are still making oodles of money and many have significant viewership.

Below is a listing of 153 linear network ratings for the year 2023; it’s important to note that some services are advantaged in this listing because they are live (DVR and streaming viewing is not included), some are disadvantaged (as they try to coax their viewers to the streaming model), and that this is a listing of “bulk viewing”, not total viewers. If a network has a small audience which watches endlessly, it will rate better than one with a wide audience which spreads its habits among several. That said:


Heck, I just realized that the older version of Queen Elizabeth is actually Delores Umbridge. No wonder the Brits are in so much trouble.

Decided to thin out my file cabinet the other day. One thing going in the shredder is all the cable TV bills. In 1996, I was paying $17.13 for a package that included HBO and Showtime. Continental Cable was bought by Media One. Media One was bought by Comcast. When I fired Comcast in 2010, they were billing me $58.23, they had taken HBO and Showtime away, and I had just received a notice they were raising rates, again. Paying three times as much, for degraded service? ummmmm…NO


What does Steve watch? Local and national news on the big three networks. PBS for “Masterpiece”, and occasional other things. Create for “This Old House”. World for the BBC news. MeTV for “Hogan’s Heroes”, “The Dick VanDyke Show”, the back half of original Star Trek eps after the late local news, and the Svengoolie movies, though I record the Sven show on the DVR, so I can speed past his schtick, and the adverts, to get back to the movie. How pervasive is the Sven schtick? He milks a 90 minute, or less, movie to fill a 2 1/2 hour bock. I watch “Forged In Fire” reruns, as well as an occasional “Pawn Stars” or “American Pickers” on Defy. Occasionally, I will watch a western on Grit. Used to watch the 80s “Magnum PI” on Charge, but they dropped that show.

Do the big networks worry that I don’t watch any of their garbage? I am out of their target age and gender demographic, so, no, they don’t care.