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Good article outlining some key facts regarding TWLO. Almost all analysts are now calling Twilio either over or fairly valued while all raving about its business.

The linked to article identifies many of the reasons why there is raving about this business including that it is larger than its next two competitors combined as an example.



aren’t quiet period usually longer like at least 6 months to a year?

why is this one so short?


Securities attorneys are some of the most diligent you will find anywhere. Under the securities act the US Supreme Court actually made a poor associate attorney liable for damages regarding a Brunswick bowling alley prospectus he approved. Personally liable. Leaving this person no choice but to lose everything and go bankrupt.

So if the quiet period ended, you can bet it ended. I don’t recall the specific provision. Ahhhhhhh, 6 months of quiet would have been very nice given what the lack thereof wrought.

Nevertheless, to a person, they all declared a fabulous business, technological lead, much bigger than its peers, resolving a nasty bottleneck to cloud design, easy frictionless adoption due to no cost development (pay per communication thereafter) with a large TAM and so on. One analyst calling it fabulous business or the like.

All citing only valuation issues in a more skeptical market environment.


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