Twitter Cyber-attack (CRWD)

I’m not sure how many of this board are on Twitter and I haven’t seen any posts about it, but a couple nights of ago there was a coordinated cyber attack in what Dmitri Alperovitch (Crowdstrike co-founder) described as ‘the worst hack of a major social media platform yet’.

Hackers took control of a number of verified (‘green tick’) accounts including Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos among many others and promoted a Bitcoin scam. From reports it seems to be an internal leak (Twitter admin selling credentials) at the source of the hack.

I am not a techie, and I’m unsure of who Twitter uses for their cyber-security (Crowdstrike?) but for me it highlights the multi-faceted and evolving nature of cyber-attacks that poses a real reputational risk to both cyber-security companies and their clients.


George Kurtz (Crowdstrike CEO) discussing cyber-security attacks during Covid pandemic and a return to a hybrid work from home/office environment. At the end of the video he touches on Twitter hacks (seemingly happening live during the interview):…

Apologies if OT, thought some might be interested to read.


Thanks to muji, I DID hear about this! Go read: