UA's new superstar

Guys, there is something truly remarkable happening as I type this.

21 year old Jordan Speith has taken up where he left off yesterday and is currently 6 (SIX!) strokes in the lead at the Masters golf tournament. With 2 days of play left, this could be a truly remarkable event that just might impact UA similarly to how a young Tiger injected remarkable growth into NIKE.

It is impossible to determine how much a victory in this first Major of the year will enhance the branding of UA.

Our son played tournament events with Speith in Texas high school golf. This kid is classy beyond his years and could turn the golf world on its head…which would leave UA smiling all the way to the bank.

Those of you who are not golf fans just might want to take a peek at this event this weekend to experience some of the majesty of this truly unique event.

Happy 3 year stockholder of UA


Jordan’s making news waves even in Australia!

And I see UA logo head to tow on Jordan.



The Aussies always have super competitors at this world wide event. I well remember the Shark!


PS Speith just birded again and is now 8 strokes in the lead. His torrid pace is now only one off of Raymond Floyd’s set in 1965!

He’s doing fantastic, Jim. Your son will be able to tell his grandchildren that he played golf with Speith.

And this is certainly not bad for UA.

  • Matt

Yes, he will, Matt. Grandchildren are a true blessing.

And what a tribute to UA’s CEO Kevin Plank for having the foresight to get this young man (Jordan Speith) committed to UA when he was only a teen. Plank is definitely the secret sauce that has been driving UA’s growth and innovation.

True story about Plank: In the very early stages, he had checks of $5000 payable but only $1500 in the bank. He took it all to Atlantic City to enter a blackjack tournament…but lost it all. Had to beg and plead his way through a tollbooth on the way home because he couldn’t pay. Then in the mail came his first order/check from Georgia Tech. And UA was on its way to becoming what it is today…a company growing at 30% a year and just now hitting its stride internationally.


PS Plank’s estimated worth today is 3 billion dollars. Should be enough to get him through the tollway booth.

I see a lot of UA logos prominently on the catchers pads and masks in MLB as well now that baseball season has started.

It’s no longer the upstart fitness wear company that can’t play in the same leagues as the NKE of the world. And I think it has a long runway for continued growth.

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