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Robert Pera
4 days ago

Hi All – This idea came out of my frustration of using 3rd party VPN services while I am away from my home; especially outside the country. I wanted a plug/play device I could install anywhere that would give me access to my home network complete with WiFi SSID setup (just as if I was sitting in my home). Teleport essentially is a “virtual mesh” extension of your existing AmpliFi WiFI network – extending the WiFi signal to anywhere in the world.

We have been testing internally for some time and now would like to get interested community members here involved
Robert Pera
4 days ago

We will have more details soon

Just think about that! Do you realize what an awesome product that is??? If you are traveling, or just out of the house, you can get your WIFI network anywhere in the world! WoW!



Okay, that’s cool. Thanks Saul.


I’m not sure Joe Average is VPN cognitive, and those who are, use reliable VPN services that readily connect with a simple app.

When I want to limit myself to my home network while traveling, I fire up OpenVPN and connect to my home router. When I am away from home for more than a few days, I want a VPN provider as backup should my home network go down (or possibly if I have a metered ISP service).

While this is a simple, easy to use tool (it would replace my OpenVPN app), it is not going to significantly impact UBNT bottom line.

That said, no matter where you are if you’re not directly connected to your home network, you should be using a VPN for all public wi-fi.


Roy, this is slightly off-topic, and I do not plan on belaboring it. But would you mind sharing the names of some of which you believe are the better VPN providers? I’m currently looking at Private Internet Access.


I’m currently looking at Private Internet Access.
PIA is a good choice. FWIW, XDA has a PIA promotion (2 years at $59.95). I don’t the promotion details, nor do I know if this is a truly good price.

This webpage offers an additional 10% off for first-time users (this was a one-time popup on my browser).

I recommend you look at AirVPN as well. I’m quite content here.

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PIA is great. Used them for years. Well priced, well featured, good Terms and conditions, fast.

In regards to above, a simple home VPN would be great. open vpn is a pain.

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Thank you Roy and Ethan, I appreciate the information.

AmpliFi Teleport may not be a huge revenue driver, but LTU will most likely be a big seller:


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I wonder if this thing will work in China??? All kinds of internet controls, I have trouble accessing my Gmail account at times, even with a VPN (which I have to install and activate prior to leaving the US). And some content providers (HBO and others) see the proxy server and refuse to provide access.

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Here is a comparison of the big 3


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