UBNT CEO Robert Pera interview

Fellow Saul Fools,

This interview was brought to my attention this evening. It is Ubiquity CEO Robert Pera on ESPN Radio on the Chris Vernon Show, talking Grizzlies and more importantly, UBNT.


He happily talks about the company on several occasions, even though the host is obviously not a ‘Fool’ and has little business knowledge.

In particular he states how the company is definitely undervalued by the market.

He briefly discusses the company at the 15 minute mark.

Then he continues to offer some interesting insights from the 41 minute mark onwards (where the best part of the interview can be found).

I enjoyed listening to his thoughts, and made me realise that Saul and the rest of this community are on the right track with Robert Pera and UBNT.




Thank you for posting this, I listened to the whole thing. I really really like Pera. UBNT is my largest holding and I am glad it is!


SR Thanks for posting. Pera sounds like a real ‘disruptor’. It’s interesting that a guy that seems so laid back in the interview can manage such a big organization and implement his vision so successfully.


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