Ubnt CFO leaving

In case nobody noticed this.


Long UBNT and it looks like I will be losing a few pounds

Hello Andy,

In the last call, Pera was optimistic about network revenues in the 2nd half of the year (calendar year or fiscal year?) and quite optimistic about enterprise accelerating growth. It will be good to get the call next week and the resulting color. That said, the earnings miss is not huge, and by itself, may present a good buying opportunity.

It is always a concern when a CFO leaves, and especially one who was as plugged in. Why did Craig Foster really leave? I have no idea, and if anyone here does know, please pass it along.

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For what it is worth, I checked out CFO Craig Foster’s LinkedIn page. He was with Ubiquiti for 2 years, and that seems pretty reflective of his work history for the past 10 years. He did stay with UBS for 5 years, Credit Suisse 1 year, and RBC Capital Markets for 1 year.

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UBNT was down some 15% in AH trading.

CFO could be leaving to pursue other opportunities but I think the market didn’t like the preliminary numbers (lower end of a low ball guidance).

I guess have to be happy with Amazon, SBUX, and INBK results.



Hi Mike,
I am not so sure how plugged in Craig Foster really was. If you remember a few calls back Pera would not even let him speak on the conference call to questions about the financials of the company. My thoughts are that Foster was pushed out and Pera is shaking up the company. I could be wrong but that is my thoughts.


Hello Andy,

I remember that call, it was not Pera’s finest performance. As I look at Foster’s history, it is less likely that there is any kind of mess there. Perhaps he and Pera no longer got along well. I have a tiny position and will add a little to it tomorrow. I have a great respect for what Pera has accomplished so far and want to see where he takes his company. Right now he has a cash generating machine that requires only increased demand for significant growth. If the networking side does not grow rapidly, he will have self-funding for some other venture.

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I bought UBNT due to what I read, mostly on this board. Then I sold it not long afterword for the same reason. Then I turned around and bought a small position (less than 1%). After today, I’m happy to report I sold most of my holdings.

I felt the company had a lot going for it because of its business model (not the technology - which I think is easy to knock off). But I just felt really unsure about committing to it. I think it was because there were so many mixed messages about UBNT on this board.

My thoughts are that Foster was pushed out and Pera is shaking up the company.

I agree. The timing is suspicious. The strong market reaction suggests the CFO was let go.


Interesting that ubnt was down 14% after hours last night, and 1/2 % at the end of day today.

By end of day ceo leaving didn’t have much impact.

Have to assume ceo leaving just before reporting hints at bad quarter.

Fyi, recently talked to owner of the wireless internet service we use, who uses ubnt equipment. Said he has a love hate relationship with them. One problem is the firmware isn’t consistant across devices. Feels they might have their hand in too many things, and need to improve quality. At the same time he would not switch to anything else, and his business is growing very quickly. He talked about getting whole communities/subdivisions switching over to his network. He gives a minimum and max estimated download and upload, and no restrictions on how much. flat monthly cost.