Ubnt conference call

Very excited by what I just read from the conference call.

Okay. And then on the enterprise products, I was hoping to understand maybe where you are in building out their portfolio, if there’s more products to come, what additional investments need to be made to complete the portfolio and drive awareness of these products? And perhaps, you can help us understand to what extent the focus of these solutions will mostly be on the emerging versus the domestic markets.

Robert J. Pera - Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Yes, so I mentioned earlier, we have I think close to about 2 million UniFi APs deployed. We’re #2 in the enterprise wireless LAN AP space. And volume shipments behind Cisco, we did that in about 3 years. And a lot of people see UniFi as just WiFi and WiFi APs today. And I think we’re at in an inflection point coming up where we’re going to show that UniFi’s a really a full end-to-end software-defined networking platform. So anything in your business closet, whether it’s a PBX, a security gateway, a power you’re using as switch, a network attached storage, a network video recorder, and everything will be able to be controlled through this UniFi Software Defined Network and control point. So where we won a position unifies any small medium business, school, hotel. They would just only need one vendor. And it completes all their IT infrastructure needs, and they can control all of these IP boxes from one software control point, and they could also control multiple sites from the same control point. And we’re doing this all at disruptive pricing fractions of the cost of existing solutions without any support or licensing fees. So I think we’re really democratizing end-to-end technology for these – for our enterprise side. And so it’s exciting. I think we’re just at the beginning of where UniFi is headed.