Ubnt craziness

Watching this morning stock seemed to go from down around 5%, to up around 2% this morning.

Volume looks to be around 3 times normal.

No decision on results, still studying.

Hope they find a seasoned cfo to come on board. Pera could use the help.


Hello Iain,

Yeppers, UBNT probably drove a few investors downright insane this morning. The stock was down more than 9% pre-market!

I’m thinking shorts are simply covering…the short interest has been very high lately. After all, while the earnings report was underwhelming, the company seems to have flat-lined in revenues. The profitability picture remains roughly the same, so it’s a matter of too-slow growth. There’s no reason for shorts to believe they’ll have a much better opportunity to cover later.

I agree Pera needs a good CFO but, more important, I think UBNT has reached a growth stage wherein it needs a sales and marketing force. Word of mouth worked fine during the developmental years but, if UBNT is to make significant inroads into the enterprise space, it needs to reach out to potential clients and market its products/services aggressively.


I bought into UBNT a while ago . . .

Then I sold my position . . .

Then I bought back in . . .

Then I sold it again . . .

I’m glad I got off this merry-go-round . . .

I don’t know or care what happens with UBNT. The only time I pay any attention to companies I don’t own is when I’m considering starting a new position. At present, the only thing I’m thinking about is taking the cash from some AMBA calls that will close out this month and increasing my positions in SWKS and SKX.

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