UBNT jumps nearly 6% after hours

Shortly after 5 pm on Tuesday, UBNT went from nearly 51 to nearly 53. I can’t find any news.

I can only see a +1.65% after hours move.
Still - it’s all in the right direction.

I was looking at the price at Yahoo, and haven’t found an after hours price anywhere else yet. The price at 4 pm was $50.88, and the last trade I can see was at 5:05 at $53.80. It’s quite possible that Yahoo goofed up their chart.

The departure of the CEO a while back, combined with my recent discovery of such a high Beneish M-Score (-1.34), are doing a lot to dampen my recent strong enthusiasm for this stock.

Sorry, not CEO departure, but rather the CFO.

That price jump now looks like a one-trade jump that then jumped back to slightly above the 4 pm closing price. It might have been bad data.