UBNT Shares On Sale - 50 Facts Prove It's Ch

Recent Seeking Alpha article made me MORE interested in UBNT…


96 new products introduced in past 24 months propelling record revenues.

Viral adoption of its UniFi network kit and UniFi Cloud.

Wall Street has a history of doubt. Wrong before and wrong today. Business plan solid - execution exceptional.

The month of February was not kind to shareholders of Ubiquiti Networks (NASDAQ:UBNT). Reaction to a series of news items and an earnings/operating margin miss led to a massive correction, taking the share price from an all-time high of $64/share to $49/share. In less than a week, a perfect storm of events turned sentiment 180 degrees. The dramatic repricing shook investors’ and likely management’s confidence. Which leaves the question - is the correction an opportunity or a warning? Let’s take a look at 50 things about Ubiquiti - see why the shares have more than doubled from $27 in February 2016, and see if investors and management should look upon the correction as an opportunity.

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Cramer :frowning: knocks it…let’s buy it!

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