UBNT short attack

Last time there was a short attack on UBNT my brokerage asked me to lend my UBNT shares. Schwab just sent me an email asking to lend my shares at 11.5% interest!! Be interesting to see if there is a short attack in the next week or so.



I’ve had this happen a couple of times. The latest was MZOR and the interest rate changed every couple of days, peaking at 13.5%, but then it quickly dropped off and they gave the shares back.

Ethan. I saw the postings below on StockTwits that a brokerage is offering over 40% to loan Ubiquiti shares. The rate has been going up mostly because of the lack of float, this limiting the availability of shares to loab. Pera owns over 70% of shares and the company has been buying back at any price under $70/share (based on observing the price and volume fairly closely over the past 3+ weeks; at any price below $70, volume is higher…see yesterday’s lower volume with the price over $70, and the $70 price floor that held for a 2+ hour period the prior Friday. 4/6 and last Monday for some examples).

People like me and @wouter28 that recognize the company’s prowess weren’t spooked by the SEC inquiry, as it was quite clearly related to Andrew Left’s (Citron Research) allegations from September.

38% as of 4/11:

42% as of 4/13:

Up to $70 price buybacks visual:



I had sold UBNT when they were around 75 on the way up only because I wanted to put my money in other stocks. With the citron and SEC stuff i bought back in along with some calls(boy were those profitable). Thanks for the info…very helpful!