UBNT: time to add more ?

UBNT dropped 15% in the last week or so.

Is it time to add more ?


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This has been a tough one to ‘just hold.’
The big swings in stock price gets me excited as a trader, but most of the time, like in the last week, the fluctuations are unpredictable.
Most of us on this board really like the company and CEO, so I added a bunch in this ‘15%’ dip.
Trimming, adding, trimming, and adding to the position seems like the way to go.

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I added a bit around 43 and I will add more if it drops below 40, even though it is already one of my largest positions. If they continue to perform, I think Cisco will buy them out at some point.

Bought some more this morning below 40. Not sure what all the volatility is driven by. Anyone see any news? It ratcheted up fast to nearly 50 and has sold off more than 20% from there in about a week. Is this stock being manipulated?

I started my first position today at $38.01. If it goes down more, I will purchase more.