UBNT (Ubiquiti) - interesting article

Ubiquiti September Quarter In The Books, Channel Checks Very Strong, UniFi Leading The Way


Interesting article, apparently well researched. Although it’s very positive as a whole, the author does list “Concerns”, which would be the equivalent of “Risks” in a MF recommendation.

His first risk was:

Shareholders always have concerns about an investment. I am concerned that Robert Pera will be unable to maintain his current focus and energy toward the company.

That is certainly a valid worry, based on his past flighty behavior. I too hope that he keeps taking his medication.



Yeh - thought I posted this up previously, apologies if I didn’t follow through on that. I seem to recall being struck by strength in Europe and Enterprise but worried about supply constraints. It might be worth looking back at this author to see if there were other articles and to what extent the articles or even the data source is a good predictor of business performance.